>Flying high – Chipmunk


Video – Flying high – Chipmunk

Letra – Flying high – Chipmunk

You know we flying high
(ay ay, ooh, ooh, ayy yeah)
I got ‘em singing like
(ay ay, ooh, ooh, ayy yeah)

Ten bottles today man
lets drink 2 and spray 8
yep, all over the damn place
or in a haters damn face
Dolce and Gabanna, I ain’t into bandana’s
might fly to Barbados, try and find some Rihanna’s
I’m running this jungle, can’t touch me I’m hammer
and I’m a lion king, a kuna matatta
no worries at all, no footy, I ball
I’m on my Apple sh-t, women I’m Mac’ing ‘em all
Capital summertime ball
yeah I can rock a crowd, you saw that hook coming
lets sing it loud
I’m stacking my chedder, I’ve never been better
it’s now or its never, you know we flying high

Still putting on for my team
and stupid n-ggas wifey’s
and all the girls like me
including the dikeys
the life of the party
my queen on my body
she smelling my neck, that’s Issey Miyake
I keep it so cool, but I am no fool
these n-ggas with me don’t know vocals but they pro-tools
pour me a glass, toast G
I’m f-cking bossy, f-ck being Lowkey (ooh!)
and you know I can rock a crowd
you feel that hook coming, lets sing it now

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